Wealthee doesn't have a financial instrument I want, what should I do?

Use cash to add the total for now, and please send feedback by tapping the button at the end of the Add screen.

Will Wealthee have more automation?

As much automation as possible! This depends on ability to connect to the instittutions that hold your wealth.

Will Wealthee sell my information?

No. Never.

If Wealthee doesn't sell information, how does Wealthee make money?

Wealthee is a project to solve a problem first and foremost. The plan is to grow the app userbase. There are two possibilities for generating revenue: referrals and premium features. In that context, selling people's information is absurd. It's also super unethical.

What information do you collect?

Your data stays within the app's silo as much as possible. This is a blog post which will be updated regarding what data exactly is sent out of the app. For example, if you connect to Zillow, the address of the property is sent to wealthee.financial so it can be looked up. That address isn't logged, and Zillow's property ID is sent back to the app. This ID gets sent to our server when retrieving the latest property valuation.

Can I export my data?

In the future it should be possible to export data to JSON. Other possibilities include creating an account and uploading your encrypted data so you can retrieve it with other devices.